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What is PLA ?

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What is PLA ?
Latest company news about What is PLA ?

1. What is PLA ?

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a new developed eco-friendly material which is derived from plant-based starch.

Plant starch turns to be Glucose via Hydrolysis reaction. And then, Glucose further turns to be Lactide via Fermentation reaction. Combine these single Lactide to be Polylacitic Acid via Polymerization, we eventually get the raw material of this eco-friendly material, PLA.

We can make daily products from this PLA material via mold extrusion process. Once in composting conditions, the PLA products will composted and back to nature environment.

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2. PLA Product Advantages:

1)Starch -- Natural raw materials: using natural corn starch as raw materials, it can be sustainably supplied, so that natural resources can be reused and recycled endlessly.
2)Degradation -- Safe biodegradation: the raw materials are natural polymer compounds, which can be degraded in the natural environment.
3)Environmental protection -- Green environmental protection: the products can be rapidly degraded by microorganisms in the natural environment after use, and become plant nutrients, truly from nature and also from nature, and effectively solve the environmental damage caused by white pollution.
4)Health -- non-toxic: the raw materials are natural, the production process is sterile, the disinfection inspection is strict, the products will not be toxic to the soil and air after degradation, and there will be no secondary pollution.

5)International standard-- fully in line with "4R+1D" international environmental protection standard (4R: Reduce, green material, recyclable, reciprocating production, 1D: degradation).

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3.PLA Application
Because of its completely biodegradable nature,PLA In the field of fast food box, express bag, tableware, shopping bag, moisturizing plastic film, thermal insulation box and other medical health, home textile has great potential.

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